Empire State Karate

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Thank you for having such an amazing, family oriented school. This place truly feels like a second home. I love taking your tuesday class and am actually disappointed to not be taking them anymore after Saturday. Thank you for all of the support you have given me and the other candidates and all the effort you have put in to this Graduation.

-Erica B. (2012 Black Belt Graduate)

I have a child who was being bullied in school. It started off as minor insults, but when it got physical, I needed to get help. My friend recommended Empire state Karate and I went down for an Interview, first without my child. I met with the owner, Joyce who has taught karate in Smithtown for over 47 years. She has a vast knowledge of bullying and was very sympathetic. Empire State Karate does not teach retaliation to bullying situations. I brought my child in and it was a perfect fit from the first lesson. He was shy and on the small size for his age and did not have a lot of confidence when approached by the bullies in his school. He is now a second degree black belt and working on his Eagle project. The bullies persist even today, but he can hold his own now and the confidence he learned at Empire State Karate will carry him throughout his life. Any parent with concerns about bullying in today’s schools should come to Empire State Karate. I am glad we did!

-Kate T. (Parent of Student)

Great School. Great Instructors and Great Students.

-Marco Ovalle (Co-owner East West MMA)

Thank you for being a great teacher and adviser. I am grateful for all of your lessons.

-Jake T. (2012 Black Belt Graduate)

Best karate school! The entire family comes here. People who say it is overpriced are just scared of overpaying for something they do not know about. The prices are lower than most karate schools, and the building is a very large and well organized one with much space for bags, belonging, and jackets.


To Sensei Joyce and your amazing staff:
When my grandson started karate, I thought his physical problem would inhibit him in his karate class. Yesterday I was proved ever so wrong. You’re “Black Belt” graduation exhibition was exceptional. All your staff and their hard work came shinning through 1000%. Joy has taken on a new meaning. Please keep up the good work. All your dedication and inspiration showed through in every child and adult in that ceremony.

-Mrs. C (Grandmother of Student)

To the Staff of Empire State Karate,
My son has been taking karate for about 18 months. Initially I noticed he was able to concentrate on tasks longer than he used to. He was able to listen to his Sensei’s without interruption everytime. The biggest benefits I have seen from karate have to do with his self-esteem and self-confidence. He is in second grade and has always loved school and had positive relationships with his teachers. He has partial and hopefully temporary hearing loss due to chronic ear infections and fluid in his ears. He has had four surgeries and is scheduled for a fifth. Although my son compensates fairly well he functions in some ways as a deaf child would. As a result of his medical difficulties he has an auditory processing problem. He hears many words incorrectly and as a result will speak and spell words incorrectly. For the first time in school he is having difficulty in succeeding and does not feel good about himself. Unfortunately his teacher sometimes makes the situation difficult. There are many school days that are not ending on positive notes for him. As his mother this breaks my heart. Through all of this he has been even more committed to his karate training. After my son joined the Black Belt Club he started attending Saturday classes. I had heard the Senseis there was strict but I wanted to see for myself. The Saturday instructors are strict but not in a negative way. They are there to work intensely with those students who are searious about learning. This is where my 7 year old takes class with people of all ages and belts. This is where he has started to feel good about himself again. There is not a week that goes by that the Sensei’s at Empire State Karate do not comment on my son’s age and rank to older more experienced students who may not be trying as hard. This is really a letter of thanks to all the Senseis and their assistants who have made my son’s karate training such a positive experience. I would also like to add a special thank you to Sensei Joyce for only hiring the best for our children. No matter how disappointed my son may be when he comes home from school, he looks forward to going to karate and feeling good about himself again.

-Mrs. J (Parent of Empire State Karate Student)

There is nothing you can do better, you’re the best karate school!

-Amanda M. (Current Student)

I like the school, because everybody is very nice. It’s like a big family.

-John T. (Current Student)

So glad we signed up with this school and we recommend it to everyone we know.

-Brett Carnival (Current Student)

We couldn’t be happier than to be attending your school. My son is thriving.

-Michael G. (Current Student)

I love going to my Karate classes. Sensei Trevor is the BEST!

-Richie M. (Current Student)

Everyone at Empire State Karate is great.

-Isabella M. (Current Student)

My number one compliment is for Sensei Trevor! From my daughter’s first he showed such a sincere, caring, and patient side. He has made my daughter feel extremely comfortable in karate, especially on days where she is a bit shy. You are very lucky to have him represent your dojo!! He always seems to go above and beyond what seems to be expected.

-Marissa S. (Parent at Empire State Karate)

Great class schedule with lots of classes. Great communication via facebook, email, ect.

-Lisa S. (Current Student)