Our martial arts children are all striving for a common goal, to reach the ultimate level – black belt. As our children put in the time and effort to accomplish higher belt ranks, discipline, and moral values within the martial arts system, us parents should be doing our part too.


How can we do our part to become black belt parents?



  • When you’re child is in class, let the instructor do the teaching. We all want the best for our children which can make it difficult not to step in when our child is having difficulty with a new skill, or if they are goofing off with friends. However, make sure to let the instructor deal with these cases during class. Interrupting class to assist or reprimand your own child is setting just as bad of an example.




  • Even if you are not stepping in on your child’s class, make sure that while you watch and wait for your child to be ready to go home that you are not indirectly causing distractions. Try not to loudly talk with other parents and be sure to have quiet activities for younger children who may be waiting for their sibling with you.




  • Reinforce what your child is learning in class, while at home. Ask your child about the values that they’ve been speaking about with their instructor and together you both can come up with ways to practice these values both on and off of the mat.




  • Remember that all children will progress at their own rate. Martial arts is built upon individual goals and accomplishments that are made at a personal pace. Remember this and remind your child of this if they begin to compare their own progress to the progress of others in their classes or school. If your child speaks negatively about their self of their progress try to redirect the negativity into something positive.




  • Be an encouraging role model and congratulate other students on their belt tests, hard work, etc. Your martial arts school is a community so show your child that you pay attention to others and genuinely wish other students and families the best.




  • Brainstorm goals together.  Talk to your child at the start of each week and create short term and long term goals. Allow your child to be the pilot of their own accomplishments, but you can be the co-pilot and support them at every step of the way!  



Your black belt attitude will be a great example to your child as they travel through their martial arts journey. Remember these tips, step back and allow your child to grow!